Compliant and Secure Industry Solutions

Streamline operations by going paperless and outsourcing the records management and paper handling departmental wide. Make those rooms that records are sitting in an area that produces profit.
Better serve your clients by being able to access their records instantly. Stay in compliance with Gramm-Leach Bliley, Sarbanes Oxley, and federal regulations.
Reduce the paper overload and storage requirements by going electronic. Utilize your EMR and EHR software to better serve your staff and your patients.
Secure your material and gain faster access to records & record sharing to streamline your cases. Electronic documents can allow your office to work faster & more efficient.
Comply with new legislation and ensure security at the highest levels to protect and better service constituents. Secure document management solutions and conversion services will help address complex audits and streamline processes in Public staff, Works, Justice, Vital Records, etc.
Reduce clutter and utilize your space better by making permanent records, transcripts, HR records, and purchasing agreements electronic. Reduce cost and better utilize your staff.
Free up your valuable space and safeguard your drawings against loss and damage.

Digital Data Imaging’s document management solutions for businesses helps companies streamline their operations using a paperless workflow process and through sourcing their document management scanning, storage, shredding needs to DDI. By eliminating the paper processes companies can lower their operating cost associated with the extensive paper growth, handling, and storage. DDI will work one on one with your companies departments to develop a full record management solution, reduce operating cost, secure proprietary material, and help streamline your paper flows efficacy.

  • Documents can be accessed by employees instantly
  • Employees can share records not wait on a record
  • By reducing the handling of documents by your employees you save time and money by eliminating the task of filing and re-filling records.
  • Make your record rooms into areas that can produce a profit
  • Information becomes more secure
  • Going digital helps prepare your company for disaster recovery
    • If a disaster happens and all your records are destroyed how would you recover?
    • With electronic records you can be back up with all material within a short period of time.


Digital Data Imaging will implement a custom records management solution based on each client’s needs. Financial institutes will work more quickly, securely, and efficient to meet their clients’ needs when using DDI for records management solutions. With DDI’s programs you can process applications faster, share them with in your organizations departments to streamline the process. Financial firms turn to DDI to help stay compliant, efficient, and secure. Financial services are about managing information. The need to manage these documents more efficiently is a business requirement for your clients, personnel, and your institute. Working with DDI for your record management needs will help secure your records, meet federal regulations, and streamline your processing in lending, account opening, audits, improve the quality of customer interactions and fulfilling compliance mandates, DDI provides these solutions.

  • Documents can be instantly accessed by bank customer service employees from any location.
  • Increased employee productivity due to the reduction of paper handling allowing associates to spend more time with customers and prospects.
  • Eliminate storage rooms will open up areas to generate revenue.
  • Elimination of multiple copies of paper documents reduces security risk and storage cost.
  • Compliance with State, Federal, and local laws.
  • Controlling costs – Lower interest rates require banks to closely control costs in order to attain profit margin objectives. The volume of paper processed and stored, the number of channels that need to be managed, increasing overhead with high real estate prices, increases in the cost of health benefits and online lending from mortgage brokers and other new competitors, are key factors that negatively impact profitability.
  • Provide faster and lower cost service.
  • Increase your customer’s satisfaction.

DDI works with the healthcare industry to produce record management solutions inside their facility to increase productivity, patient care, and reduce cost. Migrating to the digital world and Electronic Records Management systems has become a necessity. The records department has became overwhelmed with keeping up with laws, retrieving charts fast and efficient for doctors, legal, accounting, and the patients. Going electronic has allowed the medical field to retrieve records in an instant for doctors, nurses, and the patients themselves. Healthcare facilities lose money waiting for a finished chart to get to the billing department. With electronic records you can share records between departments to streamline the process and increase billing.

  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Better patient care while managing time and cost
  • Manage cost by reducing paper handling, missing charts, and increased productivity
  • Respond to patient inquires quickly and accurately
  • Monitor and enforce standards for complying with HIPPA and other regulations
  • Reduce time in legal discovery and litigation research
  • Reduce administrative time required of medical staff
  • Provide a secure flow of information, safe from disaster, loss, modification, and destruction.

DDI will work one on one with your legal office to develop a legally compliant records management system to increase your offices productivity, record security, and reduce cost. Legal firms are a paper driven business. The numerous records and documents produced and collected in a law office combine to make mounds of paper. From research to client and information, to the hundreds of documents produced on a daily basis is making it more difficult to get the information needed in order to practice law effectively. The faster you can retrieve and access the information needed the more successful and efficient your team becomes. DDI’s record management programs provide a fully integrated system that allows for a secure streamline records management program.

  • Documents can be instantly accessed from multiple locations and departments
  • Instant document retrieval for less lost time
  • Disaster recovery programs to keep you going after a disaster happens
  • Improved productivity and profitability of the firm
  • Protect the security and confidentiality of clients and firms records
  • Save valuable space that could be used to produce income
  • Maintain a competitive advantage

Government agencies handle a large amount of information to continue to increase. With the demanding amount of public responsibilities and the decreasing budgets that government agencies face, managing those records can often be over whelming, expensive and time consuming. DDI works with federal, state, and local government agencies to streamline a records management program that will help reduce cost, increase security, establish practices, and streamline efficiency. DDI will design an information management solution that helps departments work together for efficient, improve compliance, manage and help reduce cost, consolidate information, and much more.

  • Respond to inquiries quickly and accurately
  • Share information between departments without duplicating records
  • Reduce time in legal discovery and litigation research
  • Manage cost of compliance, storage, destruction, and archival
  • Improve applicant tracking
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain a secure flow of information and gain a disaster recovery program
  • Get instant document retrieval
  • Increase employee productivity

The education industry is being faced with budget constraints which mean you must be more efficient and productive while the records continue to grow. DDI has worked with schools on creating retention programs to start reducing the records that have meet the state requirements for retention, scanning permanent and long term records, reducing storage needs and increasing response times. Administrators can improve productivity when managing school records and important documents by streamlining their records and becoming more efficient. DDI will work with your school to create a comprehensive records management solution that will keep you compliant, efficient, reduce your cost, and increase your productivity.

  • Respond to inquiries quickly and accurately
  • Share information between departments without duplicating records
  • Better utilize your employees
  • Reduce cost by lowering storage and record request needs
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase security and compliance

Several organizations in the building, construction, architecture, and highway field use drawings and plans during their day to day business. The collection of archived drawings and plans become difficult to storage, access, share, and to manage. Scanning these drawings into an electronic format will minimize the time spent on searching and will increase the productivity inside your firm. Your drawings, maps, etc. will then become easy to share inside your office, in the field, with Cities, inspectors, and clients. Free up your valuable space and safeguard your drawings against loss and damage.

  • Search by drawing reference number, address, date, client name, etc.
  • Save on cost of printing duplicates of your drawings
  • Better utilize your staff and space
  • Field employees can log on with any internet access to view drawings with full record security
  • Increase security and compliance
  • Respond to clients quickly