Custom Designed Record Management Services

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Digital Data Imaging offers a full line of record management services that is will be custom designed to fit each client’s and department’s needs. Whether you require scanning, indexing, data conversion, ECM (electronic content management) software, shredding services, data or record storage, DDI can handle your data and document management needs.

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Document conversion is a business toll that can save you time, save money, preserve resources, secure vital information from disasters and recover office space. Document Imaging begins with the conversion of paper documents into a digital format. Documents become instantly accessible and easy to locate.

  • Back file conversions services provided when you become overburdened by your paper records. DDI will come out to your facility, pack your records for transport, scan your records into a digital format of your choice, and index the digital images.
  • Day forward scanning for once DDI has you current from your entire back file a schedule can be set up to make sure you never get behind and overloaded again.
  • On-site scanning for extremely sensitive documents DDI can come on-site with all the needed equipment and software to scan your records at your facility.
  • Color Scanning is available for photos, charts, and other documents.
  • Book scanning is offered without having to break the bindings of historical books and archives.

DDI offers secure record shredding for paper records, microfilm, and product material. DDI works with several state and local government agencies with destruction of film and seized material. DDI will come to your site to pick up your material for shredding or allow you to come to our facility to witness the destruction process.

  • Shredding of paper, microfilm, microfiche, magnetic media, videos, CD’s/DVS’s, credit cards, and much more.
  • Product destruction of damaged goods, expired products, not for sale items, clothing, phones, and anything you can think of.
  • Secure containers including toters of various sizes and consoles.
  • Recurring services set up on a schedule that works for you.
  • Clean out services for that monthly, quarterly, or yearly purge.

Digital Data Imaging offers a variety of storage solutions for your company. From full management of your records down to the file or archival box storage. DDI will work with you to discover to create a retention plan and gain control of your growing storage needs. DDI has partnered with Blackman Mooring to insure your records under all circumstances.

  • Creation and management of retention by the box or by the file.
  • Scan on Demand services for fast retrieval and turn around.
  • Secure facility under 24 hour surveillance.
  • Open shelf storage or Box storage available
  • Climate controlled storage and microfilm storage is available.

Digital Data Imaging offers scanning of large format drawings, maps, blueprints, etc. in both black and white and color for you can share with your clients, cities, inspectors, and employees in the field without the high cost of duplicating the records and risking your original sets

  • Access your scanned drawings anytime with internet access.
  • Stop waiting for your maps to come available from other employees.
  • Save on cost of duplication and printing.
  • Become more efficient and better serve your clients with instant access, search ability, and sharing rights.

DDI has partnered with Cranel and Digitech to offer several versions of ECM software. DDI will meet with your company to discuss your records management desires and discover what version of ECM would best fit your needs. DDI is offering ImageSilo a full ECM based in a secure cloud, PaperVision, PaperVision Capture, and much more.

  • Organize your records by department or project.
  • Secure your records by the user.
  • Access your records securely and instantly anywhere.
  • Gain true control of your records and staff.
  • Become compliant
  • Create a disaster recovery program.

Microfilm and Microfiche services can be provided at the DDI facility or on-site at the client’s facility. DDI works with several police departments, cities, and banks that require microfilm and microfiche jackets for archival purposes. Digital Data Imaging can convert your microfilm into digital images for easier viewing and retrieval.

  • Digital Conversion of microfilm of easier use and retrieval.
  • Keep your film for archival purposes without the high cost of equipment.
  • On Site Microfilming is available for those more sensitive documents.
  • Film your records for archival purposes.

Search and query your documents with as many or as few index fields as you wish. DDI’s staff will work one on one with you and advise you on creating an easy to use and searchable database.

  • Break your documents down by tabs
  • Search by name, date, department, company, and much more.
  • Using index fields will allow you to locate the documents you are looking for instantly.
  • Become more efficient in your business practices and more responsive to your clients.